11.30 – 17.00 hours Registration desk Room: Willem Burger Hal
15.00 – 16.30 hours Plenary session 1 Room: Willem Burger Zaal
Chair: Prof. Jan Hamers PhD

jan-hamersProf. Jan Hamers PhD, Chair Programme Committee 5th European Nursing Congress





KN 1 Caring for Older People: How Can We Do the Right Things Right?
Prof. Marieke Schuurmans PhD, Chair Foundation European Nursing Congressportretfoto_Mariek_Schuurmans_Echt_Mooij_fotografie.drukwerk (2 van 6)
Health care around the globe is facing extraordinary challenges due to demographic changes, changing patterns of diseases and changing expectations of patients. Health care is increasingly becoming care for older people and yet we know health care is often not fitting their needs. Quality of care in the light of budgetary restrictions in this changing world is subject of many debates. Given the size and flexibility of their work force, nurses are often considered as key players in ensuring the provision of safe, high quality and efficient health services. However, do we know when and to what extend nursing care impacts the older patients’ desired health outcomes? What is the role of older patients in defining these outcomes? How do we develop and implement nursing interventions that do change older patient outcomes in a cost effective way? How do nurses integrate technological innovations in strengthening their practice in care for older people? How do we educate nurses in delivering and monitoring of evidence based interventions in care for older people? How do we inform society on nurses’ contribution to quality care in a greying nation? In finding answers to these questions, an essential step is the strengthening of evidence based practice and innovation. Are we doing the right things right?

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KN 2 The art of aging with comorbidities, a personal perspective

Dr. h.c. Cees Smit, Patient advocateWerk in opdracht
The quintessence of my personal story of aging is that within 65 years, I became a person with multiple chronic diseases. I was born with severe hemophilia and therefore serious orthopedic problems and later in life I got HIV, HCV (cured by now), diabetes, renal failure and rheumatism (articular gout). While I’m getting older, my caregivers are getting younger. By now, I have to deal with the 6th generation of caregivers and most of them have no clue about my medical and socio-personal life. Although so far I can co-coordinate my own care and self-care, there is a ‘fear factor’ on the horizon. This ‘fear factor’ is the complex of: the lack of coordination between caregivers; the use of multiple medications, and a possible decreasing ability to care for myself in future.In pediatrics, rehabilitation and geriatric care, a holistic approach has been developed in which the patient is seen as a person in relation to his environment. Care encompasses also the family. In most hospitals settings for adults, such a care setting for aging older patients is in sharp contrast with the way these hospitals are organized nowadays. I would favor a much more holistic care concept for aging patients with comorbidities as well.

Opening: Care with dignity and proudness

Martin van Rijn, State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sportportretfoto-van-rijn





17.30 – 19.00 hours Reception Rotterdam City Hall Coolsingel 40
Susanne Maassen, president Nursing PlatformErasmus MC

Susanne Maassen, president Nursing Platform Erasmus Medical Center

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Alderman Hugo de Jonge

Rotterdam City Hall

Rotterdam City Hall