Judith Shamian, President, International Council of Nurses, Geneva, Switzerland:

”I have the honour of serving as President of ICN for four years (2013-2017) and during that time, I have chosen a watchword – IMPACT. Nurses have an incredible impacton the everyday lives of people and the health of populations. Nurses can also:

1. Impact the quality of nursing care and patient safety – without risking their own lives and safety, and without compromising their family life.

2. Impact global health through nursing knowledge, voice, experience and participation both at the decision-making tables and at the point of care.

3. Impact the social determinants of health, by removing barriers and increasing access to quality health care.

4. Impact the level of knowledge and skills we use to bring about better health and better nursing.

The wealth of our nations depends on the health of our populations, and the health of our populations depends on nursing.”